E-waste: BAN to launch online e-Stewards trading platform

Source: e-Stewards® Marketplace

Orlando, Florida, USA — The Basel Action Network (BAN) has announced to bring to market an online trading platform that will allow businesses to easily recycle used electronics with the world’s most responsible electronic waste recyclers — those certified to the e-Stewards® Standard. The launch of the e-Stewards® Marketplace, developed in cooperation with industry leaders and Retrace, a Seattle-based technology company, coincides with „E-scrap 2014“, the largest electronics recycling industry conference, held this year in Orlando, Florida. The platform has been enthusiastically supported by e-Stewards recyclers and by companies such as LG Electronics, and the data protection services firm Tabernus, which have expressed their intent to use the site for their electronic asset disposition or services.

While there are many channels for selling used electronics, the e-Stewards Marketplace is the only one to offer the efficiency and competitiveness of an online auction combined with a commitment to ensuring the highest levels of environmental and social responsibility. All transactions on the Marketplace go through e-Stewards Certified Recyclers conforming to the highest standards for electronics recycling worldwide.

Passing a rigorous audit

e-Stewards Certified Recyclers must pass a rigorous audit which prohibits dumping toxic electronic waste in landfills or in developing countries. It also forbids prison, forced or child labor practices and ensures that all customer data is wiped clean before it ever leaves their custody. The e-Stewards Standard also requires strict health and safety precautions to protect the health of recyclers everywhere.

„At last, businesses everywhere can sell obsolete electronics at the best principled price, driving a triple bottom line of profits, sustainability and social justice,“ said BAN Executive Director Jim Puckett. „With this new platform smart businesses can save money and be assured their old computers will not end up in the rice paddies of China or the shanty town dumps of West Africa.“

Looking for sustainable and profitable ways

With growing public awareness for the hazards of e-waste to human health and the environment, as well as growing regulatory requirements, businesses as well as the electronics recycling community are increasingly looking for sustainable and profitable ways to recycle used electronics.

„Businesses disposing of end-of-life electronics will finally have price transparency, access to standardized processes and centralized reporting tools, which will greatly increase the efficiency and profitability of their recycling process,“ said Michael Rubel, CEO of Retrace. „Recyclers will have access to a new stream of supply and low-cost transactions that support existing sales efforts.“

Immediate buyers must be certified

Any business can register and sell used electronics on e-Stewards® Marketplace while immediate buyers must be Certified E-Stewards Recyclers which can in turn sell non-restricted (non-hazardous waste) materials such as refurbished equipment, or separated commodities to anyone. Additionally, e-Stewards recyclers can sell scrap to each other for further processing.

„Our customers like the fact that they can process materials using our systems, and can then take them directly to certified processors,“ said Joe Mount, National Sales Manager for Tabernus. „It is very efficient, transparent and cost effective.“

The partnership between e-Stewards and Retrace marks new thinking in ways environmental groups can partner with business leaders to accelerate a sustainable future.

Source: Basel Action Network