„Driving the Circular Economy“: FEAD launches new Strategy for 2014 to 2020

Cover of “Driving the Circular Economy” brochure (Source: FEAD)

Brussels — The  European  Federation  of  Waste  Management  and  Environmental  Services  (FEAD)  has launched its Strategy for 2014 to 2020, “Driving the Circular Economy”. The FEAD Strategy reflects the vital role of Europe’s waste and resource management industry in developing a more circular economy, so helping to deliver Europe’s economic and environmental objectives.

Launching the FEAD Strategy at the Palais des Académies in Brussels, FEAD President David Palmer-Jones said: “The Strategy which FEAD is publishing today sets out our vision of how the resource management industry can play its full part in achieving a more sustainable, prosperous and resilient European economy.”

Partnership and  policy making

“The first overarching theme running through our Strategy is partnership working with designers, manufacturers and retailers. Joining up the start of the product cycle with its end point is the goal of the circular economy, and none of this can happen without partnership.”

“The second key theme is coherence in policy making. We believe it is the duty of policy makers at all levels to assist the development of a more circular economy in Europe, which will create jobs and growth while improving resource security and protecting the environment.”

“In  this  context,  FEAD  welcomes  the  European  Commission’s  proposals  to  revise  EU  waste legislation and targets, which set out an ambitious long-term vision for Europe’s resources policy beyond 2020.  We look forward to working with the EU institutions on the practical steps needed to turn these ambitious targets into reality.”

Addressed by Janez Potocnik

The Launch event also featured a pre-recorded address by outgoing Environment Commissioner Janez Potocnik who welcomed the FEAD Strategy and underlined the key role of the waste management sector. He said: “FEAD members have a key role to play in ensuring that the circular economy does not remain an abstract concept but becomes a reality. The role of the waste management sector is crucial in the transition towards a circular economy.”

The FEAD Circular Economy Strategy is available on the FEAD website under fead.be.

Source: European  Federation  of  Waste  Management  and  Environmental  Services  (FEAD)