AcuComm launches new service targeting recycling plant development

Source: AcuComm Waste Futures Ltd.

Chichester, UK — AcuComm Waste Futures has announced the launch of Recycling Plant Business Finder Worldwide. The web-based service identifies waste plant developments in over 75 countries around the world with a stated or potential recycling capacity, and provides more than 1,350 direct contacts for those involved with the projects.

The issue of materials recovery is central to advanced waste management. While the environmental and commercial benefits of waste sortation and recycling is advanced in many developed countries, for some it does not exist at all, with much valuable material sent to landfill or otherwise disposed of.

All types of waste examined

Recycling Plant Business Finder Worldwide examines all types of waste from a wide range of waste plants processing municipal/household, paper, plastics, food, metals, glass, textiles and wood. More than 482 projects are currently profiled in the service, and there are more to come: Recycling Plant Business Finder Worldwide is reviewed, expanded and updated daily. For each project there are comprehensive details including, where known, location, plant type, waste type, value, timeline, project details and full contact details. Much of the information is not available in the public domain.

Part of the market leading business development service Global Waste Business Finder, Recycling Plant Business Finder Worldwide is available on monthly or annually discounted subscription. The service benefits from AcuComms experienced full-time research capability and is available through a powerful yet simple to use secure website 24/7.

An important sales information

Commenting on the launch, Eric Wigart, Chairman of AcuComm, said: „Unlike waste-to-energy or landfill, recycling supports post-processing industries in transportation, production and product. It makes no sense for waste to be disposed of without first having sorted reusable materials. Recycling Plant Business Finder Worldwide provides access to plant development where recycling is the central purpose of the plant or to those which have – or could have – mixed processing technologies. As such, it fills an important sales information void for companies serving this area.“

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Source: AcuComm Waste Futures Ltd.