Tana landfill compactors to next level – H Series heavy models now available

Landfill compactor H520eco (Photo: Tana Oy)

Tana’s unique design with full-width drums, rigid frame and large crushing teeth ensures optimal compaction results. These same proven features can be found in the new H Series, which now includes models in the 38-52 ton range: the H380 and H380eco, the H450 and H450eco, and the H520 and H520eco.

H Series models have several new and improved features that make them even more efficient and reliable; for example, their speed has been increased to 10 km/h (6.2 mph). Like other Tana landfill compactors, the new H Series models handle waste cost-effectively and offer maximum compaction and waste handling capacity with low operating costs.

The manufacturer listened to Tana users and focused especially on driver comfort. H Series landfill compactors have a spacious cab with excellent visibility in all directions, including reversing cameras. A comfortable driver’s seat and ergonomic controls ensure excellent working comfort. The TANA Control System (TCS) has a new user interface that further improves driveability and machine operation. The menu is easy to use and clear, and it quickly displays dials for speed, rpm and engine load. The user interface features a graphical touchscreen and offers the driver comprehensive adjustment and diagnostic options.

All landfill compactors are equipped with the TANA ProTrack information management system, which connects the machine to a data network. This easy-to-use tool facilitates maintenance and pro- vides real-time information on machine performance and status. The information management system can be used effortlessly on a tablet, smartphone, or computer.

Further information can be found on the company´s website.

Source: Tana Oy