New EU rules on waste shipments – Questions and Answers

The European Union is revising the rules on waste shipments. The EU Commission has now submitted a proposal for this.

The new Waste Shipment Regulation has three goals: ensuring that the EU does not export its waste challenges to third countries; making it easier to transport waste for recycling and reuse in the EU; and better tackling illegal waste shipments.

This will ensure that the EU does not export its pollution abroad and waste is treated in a sustainable way, within and outside the EU, while supporting the move to an innovative circular economy. The proposed measures will impose high standards for waste management in third countries importing waste from the EU, which can bring environmental and economic benefits for these countries. These measures will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to meeting climate targets, as they will encourage the uptake of recycled materials in the EU, which have a much lower carbon footprint than primary raw materials (such as coal, iron ore, bauxite, pulp, and oil) currently used by EU industry.

Read here the full press release.

Source: EU Commission




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