India`s solid waste management vehicles market is growing

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Dublin — The market for solid waste management vehicles in India is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 7.6 percent, in value terms, during 2014-19. Majority of demand for solid waste management vehicles is emanating from municipalities with total solid waste collection capacity in the range of around 500-1,000 MT per day. Several municipal corporations in India do not have a proper and organized solid waste management system, which offers huge potential for growth in the SWM vehicles market in India.

Auto tippers are expected to continue dominating the market by the end of the forecast period, as these vehicles are still preferred by municipalities for door-to-door collection of solid waste. However, compactors are likely to emerge as the fastest growing market segment, supported by increasing popularity of compaction hydraulic technology among municipal corporations in the country.

South India with largest market share

The Southern region is expected to continue holding largest share in the India SWM vehicles market, as municipalities in South India are more organized and developed as compared to municipalities in other regions. Some of the major domestic companies engaged in manufacturing solid waste management vehicle in India are Antony Motors, TPS and Commercial Engineers & Body Builders Company Ltd.

In India, municipal corporations are the main governing bodies responsible for complete handling and regulation of solid waste management in cities. On an average, around 135,000 MT solid waste is generated daily in the country’s urban regions.

Constant rise of population and waste generation

The top six metro cities in India that include Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata contribute towards one-third of the entire solid waste collection in India. Solid waste management vehicles are specially designed for the collection of solid waste, which includes agriculture waste; municipal solid waste such as domestic/residential waste, commercial waste and industrial waste; or special waste such as clinical waste, sewage sludge and chemicals waste.

Auto tipper, dumper placer, compactors and backhoe loaders are some of the common solid waste management vehicles used by municipal corporations in India for solid waste collection. The market for SWM vehicles in India is expected to be driven by factors such as constant rise in solid waste generation due to population increase across cities, mandatory implementation of regulations specified by the Solid Waste Management Act, 2000 by municipalities across India, and need for municipal corporations to upgrade existing fleet.

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