Injury risk: BIR survey puts spotlight on shredder safety

Tuesday, 1 June 2021, 10.35 – 11.35 (CEST)

Workforce safety has always been a matter of paramount importance to companies engaged in scrap shredding. Approaching two years ago, BIR initiated a survey of shredder owners and operators worldwide in order to identify the main areas of injury risk; their feedback has been analysed in the ground-breaking 2019 Shredder Safety Survey report, which is to be discussed at the BIR Shredder Committee’s online meeting on 1 June 2021.

This important annual survey will enable shredder owners to benchmark their own safety performance against similar operations around the world and will also provide a basis for safety briefings for employees and contractors working on shredder sites. The meeting in June will also include an update of the World Shredder List and a focus on equipment available for capturing unwanted air emissions from shredders.

Speakers line-up:

Christopher J. Bedell is Senior Vice President and General Counsel for The David J. Joseph Company (USA), one of the largest metal recycling and trading companies in the United States and a wholly owned subsidiary of Nucor Corporation, North America’s largest recycler. He oversees the legal, safety, environmental and government relations functions of the company and its subsidiaries. Mr. Bedell is the current co-chair of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Safe Operations Committee. Prior to joining The David J. Joseph Company, Mr. Bedell was engaged in private law practice in Cincinnati specializing in environmental law and litigation.  Earlier in his career, he was an environmental engineer and served on active duty in The United States Army. During the Shreddeer session, Mr Bedell will contribute to the discussion on the results of the 2019 Shredder Safety Survey.

Martin Dörner is Sales Manager Recycling at Venti Oelde (DEU), where he has been responsible for shredder plants worldwide for more than 20 years. During this work he gained a lot of experience with these plants. Venti Oelde plants and components are used for collecting, handling and filtering of air, vapours, gases, dust and airborne solids. Apart from industrial fans, their manufacturing programme includes dust collection and process gas cleaning plants, exhaust air treatment plants, ventilating, heating and air-conditioning plants, recycling and waste treatment plants as well as plants for surface technology. Maintenance, servicing, inspection, repairs as well as plant upgrading, rationalisation and enlargement complete the available services. Experienced specialists in a large number of outside offices and agents ensure expert support all round the world and quick contact to all business partners. Mr Dörner will give a presentation on Venti-Oelde Air Emissions for capturing VOCs.

The third speaker is Frederick Thoma, Head of Sales at Lybover AIR, part of the Belgian family-owned Lybover group, implementing the products of Keller Lufttechnik (DEU) in various dust extraction projects. Thanks to the extensive product range from Keller Lufttechnik, dust and VOC abatement systems have been realized in many industrial process worldwide. Over the years Lybover AIR has implemented many airborn abatement systems for metal scrap yards successfully in Western Europe. Moreover, thanks to the specific activities of other business units in the Lybover Group, more specifically Lybover Recycling, Lybover AIR has a wide expertise in recycling processes. As airborn emissions are challenging in Belgium, Lybover AIR has been developing full scale PCB and VOC abatement systems since 2011. Mr. Thoma will explain how dust, PCB and VOC-emissions are being captured successfully with the Keller Lufttechnik technology.

Ross Bartley, Trade & Environment Director of BIR, will give additional information on the upcoming Shredder Safety Survey for 2020.

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Source: Bureau of International Recycling




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