Setting transparency for the use of recyclates in plastic products

Ongoing certification for the traceability of recycled content in plastics.

The Certification’s goal is to account for traceability of recycled content in new plastic products which are placed on the EU market. This, in turn, will allow for a transparent and responsible communication on recycled plastics use.

Based on the international standard on chain of custody [1], as well as the European standard on plastics traceability [2], the Recycled Plastics Traceability Certification: Audit Scheme guarantees transparency and integrity of claims regarding recycled content in plastics.

Gian de Belder, chairman of the Advisory Board of RecyClass said: “The Certification will enable a reliable declaration of recycled content, boost consumers’ credibility in product’s quality, and verify its responsible production.”

This Certification adds to EuCertPlast [3], a traceability scheme in for recycling processes. EuCertPlast is the first step of ensuring the quality and origin of recycled material. Recycled Plastics Certification, therefore, attests the traceability of recycled content in products throughout the value chain until they are placed on the market.

The integrity of the Recycled Plastics Traceability Certification was verified and approved via several trial audits which took place at converters’ and brand owners’ sites, including Aqua d’Or in Denmark, Resilux in Belgium, Armando-Alvarez and Klӧckner Pentaplast in Spain, and Colpack in Italy.

The on-site trial audits were conducted by independent third-party auditors: Aimplas, HTP cyclos, Sachverständigenbüro Mechthild Ahaus and Dott. P.I. Marco Tabani, which accredited that the right systems and tools are in place to trace recycled content during the production process in accordance with the Audit Scheme. Any organization interested in becoming a Certification Body is welcome to apply.

The Certification will be fully operational during the third quarter of 2020 where the Certification’s Quality Management Systems and Processes will be in place.

[1] ISO 22095 Chain of custody – General terminology and models available at

[2] EN 15343:2007 Plastics. Recycled Plastics. Plastics recycling traceability and assessment of conformity and recycled content available at

[3] More information about EuCerPlast available at

Source: RecyClass




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