„Right Stuff, Right Bin“: Innovative local authority pilot recycling campaign awarded

Source: Viridor Ltd

Exeter, UK — Recycle for Greater Manchester, the partnership between Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA) and Viridor Laing (Greater Manchester) Limited, picked up the prize for „Local Authority Innovation“ at the National Recycling Awards 2014 for its „Right Stuff, Right Bin“ campaign. Few days ago, more than 600 of the leading names in the recycling and waste management industry gathered at The London Hilton on Park Lane to celebrate another successful year in the industry and see who would take home this years National Recycling Awards.

The local authority innovation award recognised teams that have used innovative methods to drive up their recycling and waste prevention performance. „Right Stuff, Right Bin“: The award winning pilot communications campaign was delivered by Recycle for Greater Manchester in partnership with Rochdale Council and was designed to target contamination across the three recycling streams (co-mingled, paper and card and food and garden waste). The campaign was seen as an example of best practice that others can learn from.

The campaign used a combination of incentives and disincentives to reinforce good recycling behaviour:

  • The incentive message: You can help Greater Manchester save £25 million to protect our public services
  • The disincentive message: You could be fined £75 if you repeatedly use the wrong bin

During regular household recycling and waste collections; council crews either left a green „Right stuff, Right bin“ tag on bins that contained the correct items, thanking residents for recycling correctly or a red  „Wrong stuff,  Wrong bin“ tag if they recycled incorrectly. The tagging was supported by community door-knocking, events and local advertising.

Resulting in changing of rates

As a direct result of the campaign:

  • Contamination reduced by 61 per cent for in the co-mingled stream
  • Co mingled recycling rate increased by 49 per cent
  • Paper and card recycling rate increased by 7 per cent
  • Contaminated bin tag distribution reduced by 86 per cent

The campaign delivered over £20,000 disposal cost savings for the contract between September and November 2013.

„A wonderful array of entries“

Karen Hall, Communications Manager for Recycle for Greater Manchester, was “delighted that our Right Stuff Right Bin campaign with Rochdale Council, won the local authority innovation award. Due to the success of the initial campaign in Newbold, we have launched the campaign in other areas of Greater Manchester and we hope to see similar results“.

Robin Latchem, editor of MRW, adde: „Once again, we had a terrific turn-out to celebrate a wonderful array of entries from across the waste and resource management sector and beyond. There is a growing realisation among companies, organisations and individuals outside our industry just how important it is to value our resources, reduce waste and maximise reuse or recycling – and the NRAs play a vital role in getting that ‘bottom line’ message across.“

Source: Viridor Ltd