IVK Europe with Focus on Circular Economy and Recycling

In its most recent meeting the Executive Board of IVK Europe (the European Association for Plastics Films and Sheets) confirmed its commitment to support the Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA) actions and to promote mechanical as well as chemical recycling on its markets.

The CPA is an initiative under the European Strategy for Plastics (2018) in particular under Annex III related to voluntary pledges by industry. The objective is to achieve a quantity of 10 million tonnes of recycled polymers to be reused annually by 2025.

The declaration was already signed in November 2019. IVK Europe shares the Alliance’s vision and contributes actively to its operational work. On the basis of voluntary pledges, more recycled plastics shall be used in the upcoming years.

In order to meet the commitment new impulses shall be set by the IVK Europe project for mechanical recycling to separate coatings on the basis of polyester fibers and PVC. Another cornerstone in its strategy towards Circular Economy is the participation in the workshops of VinylPlus, the Sustainability Programme of the PVC industry, to define the goals of the next decade (2020 to 2030).

In its work, the association has been strengthened by the affiliation of three new members in the coated fabrics sector in the beginning of 2020. The Board as well as all the other members is very pleased to welcome them within the organisation.

Source: IVK Europe





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