German market opens for A4 contaminated waste wood

Geminor is commencing export of Finish CCA waste wood to German energy recovery plants. “The German import is a result of market changes within Northern Europe,” says Geminor’s country manager in Finland, Ismo Hiltunen.

Over the coming three years, Geminor is committed to deliver 20,000 tonnes of CCA/A4 contaminated waste wood from Finish industry player Demolite OY. The waste wood is destined for Waste-to-Energy plants in the Berlin area, and the first trial load arrived at the port of Lübeck in the middle of January. “The German import comes as a result of market changes and lack of recovery capacity for this type of material in Finland,” explains Geminor’s country manager in Finland, Ismo Hiltunen.

Germany has installed a large energy recovery capacity for A4 contaminated waste wood, and we are pleased to establish a long term export solution for the Finish market. Hiltunen: “With the German subsidy scheme (EEG) coming to an end between 2020 and 2026, many of the energy recovery plants need to find fuel which can support a gatefee. The CCA or A4 wood fraction is a fuel that fulfills this purpose.”

Incineration and material recycling

Waste wood crushed (Photo: Geminor)

The total amount of contaminated A4 waste wood in Finland has been approximately 40,000 tonnes per year. Geminor will supply several German plants with contaminated A4 waste wood in 2020, while clean A1 waste wood will be exported for material recycling in the panel board industry in Scandinavia and East-Europe. “With effective logistics we hope to fulfill the needs of the various markets and support regional waste disposal companies in a difficult market,” concludes Geminor’s country manager in Finland, Ismo Hiltunen.

Source: Geminor




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