Ireland: Steady year-on-year increase in recovered packaging volumes

Source: Repak Ltd.

Dublin, Ireland — According to recently published Repak Yearbook 2014, preliminary figures for 2013 and final 2012 figures show that there has been a steady year-on-year increase in the volume of packaging tonnes being recovered in Ireland. There had been a fall-off in 2009 from the peak year of 2008, reflecting the general weakening of the domestic economy during that period, including a consumer downturn. The trend was again upward in 2012 with some 6669,000 tonnes of packaging waste recovered, while the final 2013 figure is expected to come in the region of 700,000 tonnes. These compare to 718,000 tonnes recovered in the peak 2008 year.

Household Recycling

The trend in recovery is also reflected in the continued growth in the household packaging sector. There has been sustained growth in this important sector over the past six years or so. Despite some reductions – again from peaks in 2007 and 2008 – the trend in 2012 was again upwards (243,000 tonnes), with indications that 2013 will see further growth. This reflects both greater consumer awareness of the need to recycle packaging, together with the advances in packaging recovery options.

Packaging Recovery Rate

In line with the strategy of targeting the heavier, cost-effective material types, 78 per cent of the materials recovered/recycled in 2012 comprised of paper/cardboard, wood and glass. Plastic and metals accounted for a further 22 per cent of materials.

Once again, there was a significant increase in the amount of plastic collected, particularly plastic bottles. More than 124,000 tonnes of plastic were collected for recovery in 2012, an increase of 15 per cent on the previous year – which in turn was up 21 per cent on the preceding year. This is again a highly positive performance as, historically, plastics have been one of the more difficult areas to secure high levels of recovery.

 Quelle: Repak Ltd.