NGO reports new European shipbreaking sales to South Asia

Shipbreaking (Foto: NGO Shipbreaking Platform)

Brussels — According to NGO Shipbreaking Platform, out of 286 vessels broken during the second quarter of 2014 almost two thirds ended up on the beaches of South Asia. 53 of the ships broken in South Asia were owned by European ship owners, 10 were also sailing under the flags of EU member States when they hit the beaches of Alang, Chittagong and Gadani.

Greek owners alone sold 23 ships to South Asia, German owners 11 ships. German ship owner Conti and Greek owner Danaos regularly feature on the NGO`s list of worst dumpers having sold most ships to South Asia – both sold three ships each this second quarter. Italian owner Ignazio
Messina & C also sold three vessels to India – the „Jolly Bianco“, „Jolly Rosso“ and „Jolly Verde“ E – each at a price of seven million USD.

These ships – says NGO Shipbreaking Platform – were most likely illegally sold to India whilst operating in European waters. Whilst the imminent illegal export of Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Limited  owned „Global Spirit“ to India was stopped by Belgian authorities, the company sold four other ships to Alang shipbreakers this second quarter. Maltese owned ABY Group are likely to
have made a large profit when selling two bulk carriers to Pakistan and one to Bangladesh after having bought them reportedly under-priced from bankrupted Deiulemar.

Source: NGO Shipbreaking Platform