Ecomondo 2019 – Leading Event in the Euro Mediterranean Area for the Green Economy

In the spotlight: Italy’s leadership on the bioplastic front, innovation in integrated waste management, integrated wastewater cycle and hydrogeological instability.

The leitmotif has been established to link the events and contents of Ecomondo 2019, due to be held from Tuesday 5th to Friday 8th November at Rimini Expo Centre and organized by Italian Exhibition Group. An edition with a new ad hoc layout for trade and industry members interested in grasping the cross-sectoral industrial symbiosis of green and circular economies. Key players will also include the most authoritative public and private organizations and bodies, who support IEG in the organization of the expo’s strategic contents throughout the year.

Held simultaneously with Ecomondo, Key Energy, for the world of renewable energies, and Sal.Ve, the triennial Waste Vehicle Expo. Ecomondo 2019 will also host the annual appointment with the States General of the Green Economy, promoted by the National Council of green economy, in collaboration with the Ministry for the Environment and the Ministry of Economic Development, for an analysis and an update on the most topical crucial economic and normative issues.

Leader in the Euro Mediterranean area for circular economy and incubator of innovation for enterprises aiming for new business models, Ecomondo has assumed the role of a platform from which useful plans emerge for new legislation, managing and planning various territories and, above all, doing business according to the green economy, thanks also to the qualified proactive Technical Scientific Committee chaired by Professor Fabio Fava of the University of Bologna.

Ecomondo 2019 features four macro-sectors:

In Rimini, there will be all the innovative technology for the integrated management and exploitation of material to improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes. The EU’s approval of the Circular Economy Package, followed by its adoption at national level, offers recovery and recycling enterprises the opportunity of facing the challenge of the evolution and transformation from the recycling of waste typical of a linear economy to an established circular economy system.

For Circular Bioeconomy, the spotlight will be on EU regulations aimed at limiting and eliminating disposable plastic products. A great stimulus for innovation, able to boost the competitiveness of the world market of sustainable products, already rapidly expanding. In recent years, Ecomondo firstly featured case histories, then projects and more recently the extraordinary results achieved by large Italian enterprises at the leading edge worldwide. Leadership in biodegradable compostable bioplastics has ensured the possibility of re-thinking a product that is critical for the environment.

Another expo macro-sector is that of the Remediation of contaminated sites and their consequent requalification, which will feature the participation of the sector’s key players. These are companies that excel in decommissioning activities, for the re-use of Brownfields, abandoned industrial areas, degraded and abandoned districts, in which reclamation, development and reuse currently represent a great challenge. This area will also feature the debut of the new sector on hydrogeological risks, dedicated to systems and solution for prevention and the main climatic risks, such as flooding and coastal erosion.

Lastly, in the area dedicated to the integrated wastewater cycle, with double the exhibit space and the enterprises of the water cycle, from its sourcing to its return to the environment. In the expo area there will also be a focus on the use of water in agriculture, and a seminar on sustainable irrigation held by two member of the Water Technical Scientific Committee, Francesco Fatone (Marches Polytechnic University and International Water Association – IWA) and Attilio Toscano (University of Bologna).

In 2019, Ecomondo will again feature a focus on Italian and international start-ups, in collaboration and with the support of ASTER – Emilia-Romagna Region, the Knowledge Innovation community of the EIT (Climate, Raw Materials and Innoenergy), the University of Bologna and Confindustria Giuseppina Mai Foundation.

Source: Italian Exhibition Group





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