Poland invested €2.6 billion in environmental protection

Source: Ministry of Environment Poland

Warszawa, Poland — Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment has already enabled the implementation of 296 environmental investment projects. To date, 810 agreements have been concluded with beneficiaries, with EU subsidies amounting to over €4.7 billion. The first six months of 2014 saw 50 subsequent agreements with the total value of nearly €217 million, including EU subsidies of nearly €116 million.

Planned environmental effects under Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment in the 2007-2013 perspective:

  • Improvement of the quality of water and life of the inhabitants of Poland was reached by     construction or modernisation of 178 waste water treatment plants, ca. 13,500 km of sewerage, to which nearly 1.4 million people gained access; and the extension of the over 2,700 km long water supply system, to which 123,000 people will be connected.
  • The improvement of soil condition and its conservation saw the construction of 28 supra-regional waste treatment plants and modernisation of 15 others.
  • Resources conservation and counteracting environmental threats were intended by    extension of water management infrastructure  – it is intended to cover 685,000 people with flood control; development of mountain and lowland water retention: owing to the efforts of 233 forest inspectorates, ca. 6,800 small-scale water retention facilities will be constructed; and purchase of modern environmental monitoring equipment (GIOŚ) – 317 devices.
  • Natural resource efficiency and pollution emissions reduction was reached by reducing water consumption in manufacturing processes by 1.9 million m3/year; by reducing the amount of industrial wastewater requiring treatment by 2.7 million m3/year; by reducing the amount of waste generated by enterprises by 149,000 tonnes/year; by reducing energy consumption by 35,000 MWh/year; and by reducing the emission of major air pollutants by 1.4 million tonnes/year, including SO2: 101,000 tonnes, NOx: 21,000 tonnes, Dust: 3,500 tonnes and CO2: 1.3 million tonnes/year.

Source: Ministry of the Environment, Republik of Poland