Mobile scrap shear Reflex 500t: COPEX and Jiangsu Huahong announce partnership

Mobile scrap shear Reflex (Foto: COPEX)

Lanester Cedex, France — COPEX and the Chinese giant Jiangsu Huahong Technology Stock CO. have announce their partnership in production and sales of the mobile scrap shear Reflex 500t. After more than 20 years of sale presence in China, the French constructor of hydraulic scrap shears COPEX increases his market presence in Asia by going into a partnership with Jiangsu Huahong Technology Stock CO. Ltd, who is the largest manufacturer of recycling machines in China.

Making 60 percent of his turnover through Exports and working with China for over 20 years, COPEX, as a manufacturer of scrap shear balers for metal recycling, wishes to increase market presence in Asia. The French Company has just concluded a production and sales partnership with the Chinese Company Jiangsu Huahong Technology Stock CO. Ltd, first Chinese manufacturer of recycling equipment listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Jiangsu Huahong Industrial Group CO., Ltd). This collaboration takes the form of a new company based in Honk Kong and owned 50/50 by the two companies. This Company called MH Recycling HK CO. Ltd is in charge of selling the new mobile scrap shear Reflex 500 tons from COPEX in Asia and the rest of the world.

With this new scrap shear, the recyclers are given the opportunity to optimize their investment cost by choosing a unique portable machine which can process scrap materials located on various storage sites, and at the same time benefit from the same technological innovations as the heavy-duty scrap shears. This new machine is the result of several years of R&D in COPEX Engineering Department. The Reflex 500 tons from COPEX is perfectly suitable for the Asian market, and will be manufactured by Huahong Technology under the supervision of a COPEX co-worker.

„We know Huahong Technology for years and had many occasions to appreciate our respective qualities“, says Frédéric Malin, Chairman from COPEX. „Thanks to the high production capacity of Huahong Technology, their sales force in Asia, and the high quality of COPEX technological innovations, our alliance can only be a Win-Win partnership.“

„COPEX machines are well known worldwide for their solidity and being at the forefront of innovation. When the Reflex 500t was launched last autumn, we estimated that it was the ideal machine for the Asian market, and that this model provided us the best opportunity to go into a partnership with COPEX to move upscale and improve the performances of our group“, declares M. HU Shi Yong, Chairman of Huahong Technology.

Source: COPEX