edoc online system has been launched in UK

Source: edoconline.co.uk

Rotherham, UK — edoc, the innovative new online system which is set to revolutionise waste transfer recording across the UK, has been launched recently. Developed by the Environment Agency in partnership with the waste sector and government bodies from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, edoc (short for electronic duty of care) provides a modern and efficient alternative to completing and keeping paper waste transfer notes (WTNs).

Edoc will allow businesses to carry out a wide range of tasks. Via the online portal, users can:
• create waste transfer notes and season tickets and share them between the parties involved.
• review, edit, sign and store waste transfer notes securely online
• view a permanent log of all actions performed on a WTN, by whom, and when.
• use a simple tracking feature for transfers involving more than one movement.

edoc has already attracted advance interest from hundreds of businesses, all eager to see how online recording of waste transfers can save them time and money. Now the project partners are urging every UK business that produces or handles business waste to adopt the online option. edoc also comes at a time when the government is focused on improving outdated, burdensome or over-complicated regulations. In a set of major announcements on Red Tape Challenge outcomes headed by Prime Minister David Cameron this week, Ministers have highlighted edoc’s potential to replace 23 million of paper waste transfer notes a year.

One company that is particularly keen on moving over to edoc is Helistrat, which provides consultancy and contract management services for retail. Bernard Amos, CEO at Helistrat declared: “The edoc system is a brilliant idea and I’d encourage all companies to take it up. More and more we are moving towards paper-free ways of doing business and this makes perfect sense. It’s quicker, easier to trace and will help prevent fraud by removing the opportunity for people to take advantage of the revenue from waste.“ And he added: “It will also be hugely time-saving. We have well over a quarter of a million paper WTNs that we have to scan and it will save our teams a great deal of time when it all goes electronic.”

edoc has been developed under a four year project co-financed by the European Commission (LIFE+). It has been led by the Environment Agency in partnership with Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM), Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA), Reconomy, WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme), and Welsh Government. The project also has the full support of Defra and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).

Businesses interested in using edoc can find out more now at edoconline.co.uk.

Quelle: Environment Agency, UK