Chemical Recycling Europe – Carlos Monreal First President of New Association

On the 22nd of January, a new non-profit organization, Chemical Recycling Europe, was created with the vision of establishing an industry platform for developing and promoting cutting-edge chemical recycling technologies for polymer waste across Europe.

The new association aims to deepen collaboration with the EU Institutions and develop positive industry-wide relationships throughout the whole chemical recycling value chains in Europe in order to boost specific polymer recycling. Chemical recycling of polymers in Europe will need to develop in order to reach the high level of expectations from the EU politicians. Commenting on the importance of chemical recycling in circular economy, Carlos Monreal, Chemical Recycling Europe President said:

“It is the right time to enhance the opportunities for chemical recycling in Europe in order for the plastics industry to be fully circular. We will work together with all stakeholders having an interest in our activities and we want to ensure a “plastics back to plastics” development in order to differentiate our activity from incineration. Our chemical recycling companies will handle the more difficult plastic waste that can’t be mechanically recycled and are still being landfilled or incinerated today. Chemical recycling is therefore a complementary solution for recycling end-of-life plastics and an important additional step for the circularity of the plastics industry even at global level.”

During the constitutional meeting, Carlos Monreal, CEO of Plastic Energy was elected President. Additional Board members are Jeroen Bulk (Ioniqa Technologies), Maurizio Crippa (Gr3n), Richard Daley (Renew ELP), and Floris Geeris (IGE Solutions), all representing key European companies involved in chemical recycling.

Chemical Recycling Europe is open to all companies across the value chain that want to ensure chemical recycling will truly find its way in the circular polymer value chains. For this purpose the first step is a major conference on chemical recycling in Brussels that will take place on June 4, 2019. More information contact Mohammad Hayatifar via


Source: Chemical Recycling Europe





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