New figures show: Preventing waste can save Welsh businesses money

Source: Welsh Government

Cardiff, Wales — Businesses in Wales could be saving millions of pounds by preventing waste, according to the latest survey of industrial and commercial waste. The Welsh Government’s Industrial and Commercial Waste survey and Construction and Demolition Surveys, produced by Natural Resources Wales, provide a snapshot of how much waste was produced in 2012.  

The construction and demolition sectors prepared for re-use, recycled, or recovered an estimated 87 per cent of waste produced, just short of the Welsh Government’s 90 per cent target for 2019/20.  Within the industrial sector, the preparation for re-use, recycling and composting rate was 50 per cent with 27 per cent sent to landfill.  Excluding the energy sector, this rate was 62 per cent, with 7 per cent sent to landfill.  The commercial sector saw a 68 per cent preparation for re-use, recycling and composting rate with 26 per cent sent to landfill, against the Welsh Government’s 2024/25 target of 70 per cent recycling for industrial and commercial waste.

Minister for Natural Resources and Food Alun Davies said: “These results from 2012 demonstrate that there is still much we can do to prevent waste going to landfill in Wales, but the construction, demolition and commercial sector results in particular make it clear that high recycling rates are achievable, as we move towards a circular economy in Wales.

And he added: “I launched the Waste Prevention Programme in 2013 with clear targets across all sectors, and I hope these results reinforce for Welsh businesses how they could be breaking the link between waste generation and economic growth. Food and drink manufacturing is a great example of a sector with the potential to make savings and become more competitive by preventing waste.”

Emyr Roberts, Chief Executive of Natural Resources Wales, underlined: “Businesses know that the key to economic sustainability is keeping costs down and better management of resources, and waste is no exception. The results from these surveys are encouraging in part but there is an opportunity to do more. This is why we are committed to working with businesses to support them to reduce and manage their waste appropriately to benefit the environment and the economy.”

The Industrial and Commercial Waste Survey can be downloaded from, the  Construction and Demolition Waste Survey under

Source: Welsh Government