A Call for EU Action on Recycled Content Mandates for Plastics

In light of the upcoming votes on the Plastics Strategy and the Single-Use Plastics Products and the implementation of the Circular Economy Package, a coalition of 34 organizations and companies call for EU action on recycled content mandates for plastics to close the Circular Economy loop.

Up to Euro 10 billion worth of investments will be needed to innovate and expand the separate collection, sorting and recycling capacity at EU level. Our industry is prepared to make the necessary investments if there are legislative measures ensuring a significant uptake of plastic recyclates; which is becoming even more necessary by the minute in view of the Chinese ban on imports of certain waste streams.

A strong demand for recycled plastics will only result from concrete binding actions accompanied by economic measures to bridge the price gap detrimental to plastics from recyclates.

PDF Document Call for EU Action for more details.

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