New association formed for biomass: The Wood Heat Association

Source: Wood Heat Association (WHA)

UK — The UK wood heat industry has never been so active. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has driven dramatic growth over the last two years, and the introduction of the domestic RHI next year will bring new challenges and opportunities. In recent months, a group of wood heat companies from the fuel supply chain and installer base have come together to begin to establish a single trade body to represent the growing industry. So they launched  the Wood Heat Association (WHA).

Organisations and individuals have freely given their time and money to further the development of the industry. Their efforts have been in response to the need for effective representation with government, as well as a desire to help increase quality and professionalism across all parts of the wood heat sector. The goal of the Wood Heat Association should be “to co-ordinate, represent, inform, lobby and promote the interests of its members, as directed by the members.”

The WHA (Wood Heat Association) is a new organisation looking to support the needs of organisations and individuals providing services in the rapidly growing modern wood heating market. It is still in its infancy and this site reflects this. It is intended to be a provisional service providing key information about the intentions for the WHA and the steps that are to be taken to create it.

It has been necessary to form a company with a board of directors to start the association. The board and other supporting organisations and individuals feel that for the Wood Heat Association to be successful, it must reflect the needs of its prospective members. They believe that individuals and organisations who have been engaged in the formation and establishment of the association are more likely to be interested and active members.

Getting feedback is vital for the formation of the WHA’s structure and the direction it will take in the future. To this end the website – to be found under – also provides a blog to allow for simple feedback and consultation. For more detail about The Wood Heat Association and its aspirations and structure  a proposal can be downloaded.

Source: The Wood Heat Association