Welsh households producing less waste and recycling more than ever

Source: Welsh Government

Cardiff — According to the latest statistics, Welsh household recycling rates continue to increase compared to the same time last year, and the amount of waste generated by councils and households is falling.  Between October and December in 2013, municipal reuse, recycling and composting rates rose to 53 per cent, compared with 51 per cent in the same period in the previous year. For the twelve months to December 2013, the rate was 54 per cent, an increase of 2 percentage points compared to the same period to December 2012. Traditionally recycling rates are slightly lower in winter months than in the summer and this is reflected in the figures, with the previous quarter in 2013 seeing recycling rates of 57 per cent.  

Minister for Natural Resources and Food Alun Davies said: “These are encouraging results, and I would like to thank councils and householders across Wales for their efforts and their commitment to wasting less and recycling more. The continued increase in recycling rates means that Wales remains on track to meet our ambitious recycling targets. It is also great news that the volume of waste collected by local authorities has decreased by 2 per cent compared to the same period last year, and that on average, the amount of black bin waste that we all produce is decreasing.“

And he added:  ”The Welsh Government supports councils to meet recycling targets and develop efficient waste collection services through the Collaborative Change Programme, which will provide an extra £4m of investment to Welsh councils this year. Every Welsh council offers a food waste recycling collection service, which is contributing to our high recycling rates. Our recycling rates are the best in the UK and we are reducing the amount of waste we send to landfill.  I’m pleased to say that the Welsh approach is working.”

The Welsh Government is committed to supporting households and businesses in Wales to prevent waste, through the Waste Prevention Programme and campaigns such as Love Food, Hate Waste, which is helping households to save money and waste less food.

Source: Welsh Government