FEAD: Trilogue negotiations to should maintain ambitious level of circular economy

Brussels — In view of the trilogue meeting on the Circular Economy Package on 17 December, FEAD members called on the EU institutions to maintain the ambitious legally binding targets, which are a central part of the revised Circular Economy Package. The Package will need to include measures to incentivise the whole supply chain, and crucially it will need to strike a balance between the supply and demand for secondary raw materials.

FEAD President, Jean-Marc Boursier: “Market forces alone have not been sufficient to ensure sufficient uptake of certain recycled materials. We need a long term and ambitious policy framework to provide legal certainty, thereby encouraging investments by FEAD companies in more efficient techniques for material and energy recovery, in line with the waste hierarchy”.

The recently announced ban by China on imports as from March 2018 on different waste streams is a wake-up call for the European Union. Not only do we urgently need more treatment capacity, we also need additional local demand through concrete demand-side measures to uptake the recycled materials. If not, efficiently sorted waste runs the risk of being disposed of.

FEAD members are convinced that the right political framework together with economic incentives and an intensified dialogue between all actors of the value chain can lead to a sustainable production and consumption and an increased use of recycled materials.

Source: European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services (FEAD)




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