SWR and Newstar join forces to become one of the largest UK waste brokers

Alton, UK — Specialist Waste Recycling Limited (SWR) and New Star Environmental (Newstar) have announce the merger of both companies to become SWRNewstar. The merger comes at a time when businesses are increasingly looking to exploit more value from their waste, where recycling management, environmental challenge and initiatives within Energy from Waste are becoming important to not only the businesses themselves but also to the end consumer.

Angus MacDonald, Chairman of the merged company SWRNewstar, commented: “SWRNewstar is an exciting merger of two similar companies that provide an appealing, alternative offering to the mega wheels based waste companies.” Keith Brown, Chairman, Newstar, underlined: “The joining of two of the largest brokers in the UK Waste market, gives us unrivalled expertise in the Property Management, Grocery, Retail, Leisure and Automotive sectors of the market. This will allow the new organisation, SWRNewstar, to deliver further growth from these sectors, offering existing and potential clients a truly first class waste management solution and unparalleled service, delivered by the existing senior management team of both organisations.”

SWR and Newstar are both major players in this space, with the founders of Newstar creating a more innovative approach to the waste management market back in 2001 whilst being the only waste broker to manage and encourage behavioural change through complete integration with their customers’ internal teams. Both parties also founded the Waste Management Broker Association (WMBA) earlier this year, making them ideal candidates for a merger of this nature. The merger will make SWRNewstar one of the largest waste brokers in the UK, with an annual turnover of £41 million.

Andy Butler, CEO, SWR, shared these views: “We could see there was a huge amount of synergy between SWR and Newstar and following the successful launch of the WMBA we knew there would be a lot of portfolio gain from working together strategically. SWR and Newstar already have some impressive clients in the waste management space, and as a joint venture I am confident that we can only elevate this further. We are very excited about the future and look forward to getting started on the merging of the two companies.”

Both companies will remain in their existing offices with the merger allowing for employment opportunity and growth for existing employees in both the Buckinghamshire and Hampshire areas.

Source: Specialist Waste Recycling Limited (SWR)




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