New Clean Growth Strategy projects i.a. to increase resource efficiency

London, UK — A new „Clean Growth Strategy“ sets out our proposals for decarbonising all sectors of the UK economy through the 2020s. It explains how the whole country can benefit from low carbon opportunities, while meeting national and international commitments to tackle climate change, and it intends to tackle waste.

Clean growth means growing our national income while cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Achieving clean growth, while ensuring an affordable energy supply for businesses and consumers, is at the heart of the UK’s Industrial Strategy. It will increase UK`s productivity, create good jobs, boost earning power for people right across the country, and help protect the climate and environment upon which we and future generations depend.

The strategy intends to

  • work towards our ambition for zero avoidable waste by 2050, maximising the value we extract from our resources, and minimising the negative environmental and carbon impacts associated with their extraction, use and disposal
  • wublish a new Resources and Waste Strategy to make the UK a world leader in terms of competitiveness, resource productivity and resource efficiency
  • explore new and innovative ways to manage emissions from landfill
  • invest £99 million in innovative technology and research for agri-tech, land use, greenhouse gas removal technologies, waste and resource efficiency.

The full paper can be downloaded under

Source: HM Government




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