Plastic Omnium`s proposed sale of the Environment Division will affect SULO

Levallois, France — Plastic Omnium has announced its plan to sell its Environment Division so it can focus exclusively on the global growth of its automotive operations. As one of the Plastic Omnium Group’s original businesses, the Environment Division generates revenue of approximately €330 million, which is 4 percent of Plastic Omnium’s revenue. This profitable, cash-generating division, which is the global market leader in waste management solutions, employs 1,800 people in 12 countries.

The Environment Division boasts an efficient, modern industrial network with six plants in Europe (France, Germany and Spain) and a sales network consisting of branches and points of service located as close as possible to its 8,000 customers: cities, local authorities and businesses. It draws on its R&D center and customer point of service that recently opened in Saint Priest, France, to regularly add to its line of products and services:

  • containers: household waste receptacles, collection banks, composters, underground and semi-underground containers;
  • related services: maintenance, washing, surveys and implementation, data management and incentive-based pricing systems to help local authorities manage their waste for less money and as efficiently as possible;
  • urban equipment: waste disposal locations, playgrounds, equipment for parks and streets.

Plastic Omnium will endeavor to select a purchaser developing an ambitious plan for this business, which is central to the growth of the clean, intelligent city of the future.

This undertaking reinforces Plastic Omnium’s motivation to channel all its human and financial resources into expanding its automotive operations. As the global leader in exterior components and modules, fuel systems and emissions control systems, the Group is continuing to pursue its profitable growth strategy in sustainable mobility.

The disposal will affect SULO, integrated in the Plastic Omnium’s Environment Division, and might bring changes to Westfalia Intralog GmbH.

Source: Plastic Omnium




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