EAFA: Half year results for aluminium foil deliveries show progress

Düsseldorf — Aluminium foil deliveries in the period April to June 2017 showed little difference to the same period in 2016 according to figures just released by the European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA). Total domestic deliveries of all gauges increased by only 0.2 percent compared with last year, while exports dropped by just 1 percent, an encouraging sign this area of trade could be improving again.

Focusing on the half year to date, there are clear signs that the gains made at the end of 2016 are consolidating. Total production is ahead 1.2 percent – 454,400t vs. 449,100t -,  with thinner gauges, used mainly for flexible packaging and household foils, up 1.6 percent and thicker gauges, used typically for semi-rigid containers and technical applications, also remaining positive at +0.3 percent, compared with the first six months of 2016.

Overall domestic deliveries, up 1.9 percent, continue to show steady improvement year on year. Export activity continues to be more challenging and declined 4.2 percent in the first half of 2017. But this is a marked improvement on the -13 percent shown in the same period of the previous year and could be a good springboard for the better figures shown at the end of last year to be repeated.

Newly elected EAFA President Bruno Rea commented: „This is a very promising first half year, which gives us some confidence that the next six months will see improving performances across the board. In particular, recent anti-dumping measures by the US Department of Commerce, against Chinese foil producers, might provide some opportunities for the export business of European foil rollers.“

Source: European Aluminium Foil Association e.V. (EAFA)




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