Fercell unveils new solution for recycling of swarfs as aluminium byproduct

Aylesford, UK — Metal chips from computer numerical control (CNC) machining processes, are leading to high volumes of waste material in the industry, which in turn leads to wasted revenue. These type of swarf materials, when disposed of rather than recycled, result in high costs and are an environmental issue and concern. Fercell Engineering has discovered a new solution for aluminium-based swarfs produced by machining processes.

The new way of handling aluminium swarf materials includes a reduction of material volume for decreased storage space and transportation costs. Oil and other coolants can be cleaned and separated from the metal swarfs and reused, which again is both cost effective and environmentally friendly. Finally, when swarfs are shredded to the right size before successfully pressed in the briquette machine, the whole process is streamlined.

Shredding alone can reduce the material volume significantly, therefore decreasing the cost of storing or transportation but this is just one part of the process. Highly compacted briquettes can be sold at a much better prices to metal recycling companies. So if manufacturers can firstly shred the swarfs so they are even thinner, then put them through a briquette, the outcome is a sturdy briquette which can much better optimise stock space, has decreased transportation costs and can be sold on by being much more attractive to recycling companies.

In addition, the shredded chips can also be processed via a centrifuge within the briquette press in order to reduce the content of oil and emulsion. These expensive coolants such as oil or emulsion can be cleaned and afterwards brought back to the production process. The savings potential for lubricants is up to 95 percent when using a briquetting press. As a result, briquetting reflects a responsible behaviour concerning health and environment while ultimately saving on costs.

Processing can be ventured by Weima WLK4 aluminium shredding and the Weima TH800M briquette press for aluminium.

Source: Fercell Engineering Limited





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