PPG6: Defra published guidance on construction and demolition sites

(Foto: ©Thomas Max Mueller / http://www.pixelio.de)

London — The UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has published Guidance on how to prevent pollution and comply with environmental law at construction and demolition sites titled „Working at construction and demolition sites: PPG6“. Pollution Prevention Guidance 6 (PPG 6) provides information about complying with environmental laws and preventing pollution at construction and demolition sites.

The guidance includes advice on planning activities, site drainage, excavation, storing and using oils and chemicals, cement and concrete, land contamination, waste management and dealing with environmental incidents. It is for site managers, foremen and supervisors. This includes anyone responsible for managing what happens day to day on a construction or demolition site.

Pages 52 and 53 focus on waste management. Here the guidance focuses on preventing direct pollution from wastes, and doesn’t consider indirect pollution such as energy use, methane and CO emissions form treatment and disposal. There’s a range of waste legislation that needs to be complied with and many sources of guidance to help which must be considered for managing waste sites.

The guidance can be downloaded from gov.uk.

Source: UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs