Principles for a sustainable Brexit: UK think tank Policy Connect launched new report

London, UK — Cross-party think tank Policy Connect calls on UK government and parliament to embrace key principles to achieve clean growth beyond Brexit and make the UK a global leader in the green economy. The report is entitled „Principles for a Sustainable Brexit: a strategic plan for clean growth“ and advocates embedding accountability, enforcement, and evidence-driven policy at the core of post-Brexit policy and regulation.

The report by Policy Connect argues that post-Brexit policy, at the heart of which lies the Repeal Bill, is a “chance for the UK to carry out an overhaul of its environmental policies; to uphold its international commitments, attract long-term investment, fully utilise available research and data and to embed long-term thinking and strategy whilst being transparent and accountable to these objectives”.

The manifesto concludes that “disregarding climate change and environmental regulation post-Brexit would have damaging economic consequences. Embedding this urgent issue into future policy comes with a wealth of benefits for both economy and society associated with becoming a world leader in the sustainable innovation space.”

The manifesto has been contributed to by politicians from across the Houses of Commons and Lords, and is endorsed by Lord Deben (Chairman of the Committee on Climate Change); Dr Alan Whitehead MP (Shadow Energy and Climate Change Minister); Geraint Davies MP (former Member of the Environmental Audit Committee and the European Scrutiny Committee); and Peter Aldous MP (former member of the Environmental Audit Committee).

The report can be downloaded under

Source: Policy Connect





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