ESA calls for 25 year waste and resources plan following Gove speech

London, UK — The Environmental Services Association (ESA), the voice for the UK’s resource and waste management industry, has called on Defra to develop a distinct 25 Year Plan for resources and waste. The call follows the recent speech of Defra`s Secretary of State, Michael Gove about UK environment policy underlining: „We can recast our ambition for our country’s environment, and the planet. In short, it means a Green Brexit.“

Regarding waste the minister stated: „I want to improve incentives for reducing waste and litter, and review the penalties available to deal with polluters – all part of a renewed strategy on waste and resources that looks ahead to opportunities outside the EU.“

ESA Chairman, Dr. Stewart Davies, commented: “I was most encouraged that the Secretary of State’s speech last Thursday referred to a ‚renewed strategy on waste and resources‘ that looks ahead to opportunities outside the EU.“ ESA looks for this to be taken forward now and for Defra to demonstrate focus and urgency in championing the waste and resource management sector.

„The ESA sees an urgent need for a waste and resources strategy from government to address the looming treatment capacity gap: The industry thinks that by 2030 we will end up around 5 million tonnes p.a. short of treatment infrastructure as 80 per cent of landfill capacity is expected to close by then. A waste and resources strategy is also needed so that Defra can align other government initiatives (Industrial Strategy; National Infrastructure Assessment; Clean Growth Plan) involving the sector that are already taking shape.

„ESA looks forward to engaging with Defra and would commit the necessary time and expert resource to work with the department to develop a 25 year Waste and Resources Plan in parallel with the 25 year Environment Plan already in preparation.”

Source: Environmental Services Association (ESA)





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