e-Studio306LP: Toshiba’s erasable toner system enables paper re-use

Document paper (Foto: ©Lupo/ http://www.pixelio.de)

Tokyo, Japan — Printing solutions company Toshiba TEC has announced the e-Studio306LP/RD30. It is the world’s first multifunction printer (MFP) to incorporate a unique erasable toner enabling the output to be erased and re-used multiple times. By using regular office paper, the e-Studio306LP can print documents with an erasable blue toner that is easily identifiable in any work environment. One sheet of paper can be reused multiple times once fed or passed through the e-Studio RD30 eraser unit. At the same time it can be scanned and archived electronically to a designated file location.

Since its launch, the e-Studio306LP/RD30 has been installed in several organisations all endeavouring to reduce the amount of paper used on site as well as reduce their carbon footprint. In a warehouse environment, the life span of documents such as order sheets, picking slips and inventory reports are short lived and often printed in excessive volumes. However, the need to reduce these paper levels is highly desirable within many businesses. Toshiba’s paper reusing system reduces paper, cost and carbon emissions by reusing the same paper several times. It also improves warehouse efficiency by scanning and sorting the paper automatically.

Onest Logistics: Benefits of paper reusing

Onest Logistics is the second largest logistics and warehousing solution provider in Mexico stretching across 22 offices in Mexico. The company introduced the Toshiba e-Studio306LP/RD30 to their business environments having discovering the benefits of adopting Toshiba’s innovative paper reusing system. They print 500,000 pages a month, most of which are thrown away only a few days after being printed. To reduce paper consumption, the e-Studio306LP/RD30 has been installed in their Head Office and warehouses. Employees are currently printing order-confirmation reports, picking orders, inventory validation reports and order dispatch sheets with Toshiba’s e-Studio306LP. Noticeably they have found that productivity is maintained whilst also achieving their corporate environmental goals.

Pilot Pen Australia: 90 percent reduced

Pilot Pen Australia has installed the Toshiba e-Studio306LP/RD30 in its national warehouse.  On average, 500 picking slips are printed per day in the warehouse. Today, Pilot Pen is printing picking slips with an e-Studio306LP and the warehouse staff ticks off items with a Pilot Frixion erasable-ink pen. After checking the picking list, the paper is then fed through the e-StudioRD30 erasing unit where the erasing process begins. That same paper can then be reused through the e-Studio306LP.

By using Toshiba’s e-Studio306LP/RD30, Pilot Pen Australia has reduced their paper consumption by more than 90 percent and have adapted to this system at their warehouse.

More economical use of paper

Cases of Onest Logistics and Pilot Pen Australia prove that there are many opportunities to decrease temporary paper use in warehouses/distribution centres for logistics and in various other industries such as manufacturing and retail. The system improves work efficiency, and makes more economical use of paper. This is a whole new way to be more environmentally friendly, more efficient and more create economical work processes.