Recycling by 139% percent increased: FEVE to celebrate its 40th anniversary

Brussels — This year, FEVE – the European Container Glass Federation celebrates its 40th anniversary looking proudly on its past achievements. A new executive team wants to shape the future of the container glass industry. The industry will remain a modern and innovative industry producing environmentally-sound packaging.

The container glass industry is a pioneer of the EU circular economy. In the last fifteen years, bottle-to-bottle glass recycling has increased by 139 percent throughout Europe. Some 1.5 million bottle banks are available across the region and an average of 74 percent of Europe’s glass is collected for recycling, marking the success of separate collection for glass introduced in Europe in the 1970s and the commitment of the industry to attain the highest recycling rates.

The industry is also an important contributor to the European economy. Every year over €600 million are invested in energy efficiency, decarbonization and upgrades over the 160 manufacturing plants across Europe, contributing to maintain a total of 125,000 direct and indirect jobs. Investments in innovation help to modernise production processes and to produce glass bottles that are 30 percent lighter than 20 years ago, while still maintaining their product preservation qualities, recyclability, and innovative design.

Newly elected as President of the association, Johan Gorter, Chief Executive Officer of Ardagh Glass Europe commented: “In the last fifteen years, the consumption of products packed in glass has increased across Europe despite a challenging economy. To ensure that we retain our leadership position I will support our industry in its efforts to drive technology advancement, energy efficiency and circular economy policies which are critical for Europe’s future.”

Source: FEVE – The European Container Glass Federation





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