WEEE: ERP Italy promotes the Weeelabex Certification


Paris, France — European Recycling Platform (ERP) Italy has joined forces with three other Italian producer compliance organisations (Ecodom, RAEcycle and Remedia) to improve the process of WEEE treatment in Italy by encouraging treatment plants to obtain a Weeelabex Certification. As an organisation that has always promoted healthy competition to improve waste collection and treatment standards, ERP welcomes this new certification that sets a new model for the quality of WEEE collection, transport and treatment.

Indeed, the Weeelabex Certification has developed a single pan-European procedure to enforce the respect of these standards, which are assessed by highly qualified and trained auditors. Weeelabex standards guarantee less pollution, higher levels of recovery of secondary raw materials and better health and safety conditions for workers, as well as more transparent management of material flows. Moreover, treatment plants undergo a single audit procedure (rather than four) to comply with all four producer compliance organisations.

24 treatment facilities to be audited

“The Weeelabex audit process is underway with the selection and training of auditors and the identification of the 24 treatment facilities that will be audited between April and November 2014,” explains ERP CEO Umberto Raiteri, who also emphasises how “this will make Italy the top European country in terms of accredited treatment plants, as well as the reference for WEEE treatment internationally.”

“Implementing better standards for WEEE recycling is a true challenge and the development of this new certification is definitely a step in the right direction. In fact, at ERP, we have always strived to promote the most cost-effective high-quality solutions and we are very proud to have recently reached the 2 million tonne collection milestone,” adds Umberto Raiteri.”

Members of Weeelabex Organisation

ERP Italy and its three partners are members of the international non-profit Weeelabex Organisation that aims to manage the accreditation of WEEE treatment facilities and train auditors to verify the application of European quality standards in participating facilities.

The Weeelabex (WEEE Laboratory of Excellence) Certification has been developed by the WEEE Forum in collaboration with the principal WEEE stakeholders and co-financed by the EU as part of the Life+ Programme.

The Weeelabex Forum was founded in April 2013 and currently includes 26 European producer compliance organisations amongst its members.

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