SUEZ started up operations on the 3rd line of hazardous w-t-e plant in China

Paris, France — In 2017, SUEZ completed the creation of SUEZ NWS, a company formed with its historic partner in China, NWS Holdings. Consolidation of its water, recycling & recovery-activities under the same entity, of which it is the majority shareholder, is an exceptional step toward capturing growth opportunities in a high-potential region. Today, SUEZ NWS started up operations on the 3rd line of the hazardous waste to energy plant.

Located 60 km from Shanghai, the Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park (SCIP) is one of the largest petrochemical platforms in Asia with over a hundred petrochemical facilities. SUEZ NWS has been supporting the industrial park since its creation in 2002, by supplying water and effluent treatment for the petrochemical facilities. Since 2006, the Group has also been responsible for the treatment and recovery of hazardous waste. An initial energy plant (lines 1 and 2), with capacity of 60,000 tons/year, was commissioned in 2007 at an investment of €78.5 million. To address the industrial park’s continuing growth, SUEZ NWS started construction in September 2015 of a 3rd line, aimed at doubling the energy plant’s capacity to 120,000 tons of waste per year.

The 3rd line commissioned today represents an investment of €48 million. It is equipped with vertical-furnace technology, which is particularly well-suited to treating liquid and gas waste which are the main category of waste produced by the petrochemical facilities implanted in SCIP. The energy plant will provide complete treatment of the hazardous waste from 800 companies located in SCIP and in the Shanghai’s area.

In a circular economy approach, energy produced by this waste treatment process will be recovered and distributed to companies in the park in the form of steam, thus reducing the use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions. The steam produced by line 3 will allow to reduce coal consumption by 40,000 tons a year.


Source: SUEZ





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