WEEElogic is extending its network with Amb3E by Portugal

Holzgerlingen, Germany — WEEElogic and Amb3E have signed a partnership agreement to offer a dedicated one-stop solution in Portugal and in Europe. WEEElogic, the European compliance hub for e-waste, battery waste and packaging (WEEE), and Amb3E have entered into this partnership to offer common services at a European level. The partnership is key for producers looking for centralized services and easy coordination of compliance across Europe.

In Europe, companies selling electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) including devices and batteries as well as placing packaging on the market for the first time, must meet specific environmental obligations. Producers must address three obligations for a specific sales reference unit. In order to simplify the management of these responsibilities, WEEElogic provides services to producers. Since 2013, producers can centralise and delegate proceedings/administrative burden to WEEElogic and its partners, i.e. appropriate compliance and take-back schemes for WEEE, battery and packaging obligations in each country. “We are very happy to announce this partnership as Amb3E and WEEElogic share the same vision of pragmatic and relevant services for producers”, commented Romain Letenneur, Managing Director of WEEElogic.

A European hub with national expertise

In order to offer centralized but smart services, WEEElogic also relies on the expertise of local, specialist compliance and take-back schemes. To maintain its development and to exclusively offer wider coverage to its clients, WEEElogic has signed an agreement with the company Amb3E in Portugal.

Amb3E is the leading Portuguese compliance and take-back scheme offering a unique one-stop service for WEEE, battery and packaging to producers in Portugal. Amb3E is a best-in-class European compliance scheme that aims to provide added value to its clients. This partnership enables producers, manufacturers, webstores and OEM’s to rely on Amb3E and WEEElogic to organize their compliance in Europe as well as in Portugal.

Managing Director of Amb3E, Pedro Nazareth declared: “We expect to be in a position to offer packaging management services in 2017. It is very important to Amb3E to have won the trust of WEEElogic, a pioneering, reference hub for the environmental compliance of companies in the European market.” Amb3E serves more than 1,500 Producers and collects 38,000 tons of WEEE and 200 tons of batteries annually. In 2016, Amb3E launched a new project aimed at offering packaging compliance in Portugal. A final decision by the Portuguese authorities is yet to be made.

WEEElogic will announce other EU partnerships in the coming weeks.

Source: WEEElogic GmbH





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