ETRA: 2017 may be a crossroads in the development of tyre recycling

Brussels — The 24th European Tyre Recycling Conference starts on Thursday 23nd march with a keynote address from Jose-Jorge.Diaz-Del-Castillo representing the DG Environment of the European Commission. The attendance of this speaker highlights the importance of the conference to both the recycling sector and to the European Commission. This year’s conference could give both recycler and market commentators some real points to ponder, for 2017 may be a crossroads in the development of tyre recycling, with new markets opening and new legislation challenging the very markets that the sector needs.

No-one in the tyre recycling sector can have failed to notice the pressure being brought to bear on the SBR crumb rubber infill market. Despite mounting evidence putting crumb rubber in the clear, the pressure remains. The conference will discuss how the industry is responding to the emotional argument with facts and figures, Speakers will discuss the response and the implications of the challenge to SBR crumb rubber infill. Of course this is an issue impacting upon the North American market also, so the conference will hear from two experts from the USA, who will give their view on the issue from the other side of the Atlantic. Delegates will be invited to join the discussion.

Pyrolysis is now starting to make some headway in the European markets, something now recognised by rubber producers and equipment manufacturers alike. As usual a strong panel of speakers will be available to discuss the latest developments, and ETRA can expect to hear market success stories from both Black Bear Carbon and Scandinavian Enviro Systems as well as some new technological presentations as this sector continues to develop both its technology and its acceptance in the marketplace.

Europe is still finding some inertia in the rubberised asphalt market and the Road panel will take a look at the current position of rubberised asphalt and the route ahead to help the material find a more readily accepting market. This remains one of the potentially largest markets for tyre rubber. It is a market that has been proven time and time again, yet in every country, it needs to be proven all over again. Is there a way ahead for rubberised asphalt? The panelists will try to find an answer.

Raw materials innovation is a sector where the recycling sector needs to work closely to find ways of bringing tyre derived materials to new markets. The challenge here is not simply finding a market, but persuading that market that the material on offer has a place in that market. The arguments can be emotional rather than technical, but they still carry the same weight and still need to be addressed. Issues in this panel include the experience of taking the idea of using recycled materials from the research stage through to a commercial success or the work that ARTIS and the Sustainable Materials group do on new materials.

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