2. IBSCE: Focussing on the valorisation of megatons of organic waste

Firenze, Italy — The IBSCE is a leading international platform for the promotion of bioenergy as a valuable economic source in Asia and beyond. One of the most relevant topics of the 2nd International Bioenergy (Shanghai) Conference and Exhibition will be the valorisation of organic waste which represents a crucial challenge for all countries. More than 269 megatons oil equivalent (MTOE) of organic residues, including agriculture, forests and food are wasted every year in Europe, of which 88 million tons of food are wasted every year, with a cost of 150 billion $ (€139 billion). Additionally, there is the huge volume of sludge, which is estimated at 10 million tons of dry solids per year, of which 40 percent is spread (often without control) on land for agricultural use.

China is leaving the same challenge: more than 100 million tons of agricultural residues, and over 110 million tons of municipal food are wasted every year in the country, representing $32 billion thrown away every year. Meanwhile, 128 million Chinese live below the poverty line, and often lack sufficient food. In parallel, the total sludge production in China accounts to about 11 million dry tons per year.

A similar situation can be found in the United States. In the U.S.A., over 52,4 million tons of food is wasted every year, and an additional 10,1 million tons remains unharvested at farms, for a total of 63 million tons. The country spends over $218 billion – 1.3 percent of GDP – growing, processing, transporting, and disposing of food that is never eaten. In parallel, United States municipal wastewater treatment plants produce about 8 to 9 million tons of dry solids per year.

According to the above estimations, Europe, China and USA produce alone more than 400 million tons of organic waste, spending around $300 billion for this material disposal and transportation infrastructures.

IBSCE 2017 is designed to bring together scientists, innovators and industrial people from around the world who are working together to implement bioenergy technologies. Experts and entrepreneurs from the entire world will have the opportunity to communicate, enhance their understanding, share their experiences in order to discuss the role of bioenergy in the Asian context. A knowledge exchange on the latest scientific and industry results, developments in policies, and deployment and business that will enable the move towards efficiency and sustainability in the bioenergy sector. The conference programme is in part based on the successful format used for the European Biomass conference that takes places annually in Europe and on the experience from the previous edition of the event in 2015. The conference will be held on 20th to 21st April 2017, the exhibition runs from 19th to 21st April.

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