EEB welcomes ENVI decision as foundation for a green jobs boom

Brussels — MEPs laid the foundations for a green jobs boom across Europe in the European Parliament’s Environment Committee by voting for high recycling targets, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) balanced.

EEB`s waste policy officer, Piotr Barczak, Waste Policy Officer at the EEB, commented the ENVI Committee`s decision: “The strong support shown for the recycling and repair sector by MEPs today can pave the way for over 800,000 jobs to be created across Europe by 2030. But for this boom to materialise, the Council must now put the economy and the planet first and support these ambitious targets.”

Environment committee MEPs also set a target for member states to halve the amount of food wasted within the EU by 2030, but this target was only voluntary rather than binding. According to Piotr Barczak, “halving the amount of food wasted within the EU by 2030 would cut greenhouse gas emissions, save households money and reduce the pressure on land exerted by Europe’s insatiable demand for food. Unfortunately, MEPs missed an opportunity to guarantee these rewards by not making them legally binding – potentially letting countries that waste large amounts of food off the hook.”

Source: European Environmental Bureau





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