Save the Planet: Access to the South-East European waste management market

Source: ViaExpo Ltd.

Sofia, Bulgaria — The 8th edition of the well-established South-East European Conference and Exhibition on Waste Management and Recycling will be held from 7 to 9 March 2017 at the Inter Expo Center, Sofia. Over the years of its existence since 2010, the event has proved its significance for the Region dealing with its priority sectors and facilitating the establishment of new business partnerships and strengthening the existing ones.

Save the Planet is an access to the South-East European Waste Management Market, bringing together environmentally friendly and rewarding technologies, know-how, experts, providers, decision makers from across Europe at one place, the event focuses on the South-East European market. Moreover Save the Planet will promote solutions how the local business can improve its competitiveness and how the municipalities can benefit from the clever waste management.

The topics in the Conference on Waste Management & Recycling 2017 amongst others include “Circular Economy: Policy Aspects and Good Practices” as well as “How to Utilize Waste in Agriculture and Wastewater plants”. Invited speakers come from European Commission DG Environment, European Biogas Association, European Investment Bank, Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water, Sofia Municipality, Bulgarian Association of Municipal Environmental Experts, etc.

Up to now, the exhibition will present companies from Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Switzerland with the following technologies and products: Shredding, pressing, briquette making equipment; Recycling systems and technologies for glass, metal, paper, plastic, wood, textile, oil, battery; Thermal treatment of residual waste; Automated conversion of waste into biomass; Baling systems; Fiber baling presses; Compact biomass boilers; District heating systems; Equipment for industrial and agricultural installations for the extraction, purification, storage and utilization of biogas, landfill gas etc.

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Source: ViaExpo Ltd.