With Premi 50 control system: new LP 50 EH baler released by Presona

Tomelilla, Sweden — Presona released the new LP 50 EH baler. This baler presents the latest high efficiency machine designed for recycling, waste management and logistics facilities. One of the important enhancements compared to the ”old” LP 50 EH is the ECC tying unit with vertical needles from above. The LP 50 EH is available with two motor options, 22 kW and 37 kW.

The new LP 50 EH builds on the same principles and design as all the new LP Series models and has all the same advantages built in, the design, the performance, the energy efficiency and the reliability. The new LP 50 EH model has the Premi 50 control system. The Premi 50 is a PLC control system with a 7” Colour Touch Screen with animations, setting of baling parameters and indication of production data for 15 baling programmes. The Premi 50 has a web based HMI to monitor the operation of the baler. Through a safe internet connection you can, from your computer access operational data such as production data, diagnosis and operation monitoring.

Like all other VH and CH models, the EH models uses the pre-press technology developed by Presona. The pre-press unit compacts the material from above down into the press chamber and there is no surplus to be removed by the main ram. Traditional balers often have surplus shearing systems on the main ram, which are subject to wear and increase the risk of the press jamming. The prepress system also gives full utilization of the press force. No power required for tough shearing operations.

The features include:

  • Extremely low energy consumption
  • Highly resistant to wear
  • Forms bales of optimum size and density
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Incorporate a high degree of safety in all components
  • Low baling and maintenance costs
  • No knives required = fully utilized press force

The functional principle of the baler can be studied under

Source: Presona AB




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