SUEZ takes over a hazardous waste treatment facility in Schkopau

Dow ValuePark in Schkopau (Foto: SUEZ)

Paris, France — SUEZ strengthens its strategic partnership with Dow by taking over a hazardous waste treatment facility in Germany. The treatment unit, located in the Dow ValuePark® in Schkopau near Leipzig in Central Germany includes a rotary kiln for the treatment of hazardous waste and an industrial sludge dryer. The unit treats liquid and solid waste generated by Dow (on and off site), by the industrial companies located in the ValuePark and other companies in the area.

Thanks to this dedicated kiln, SUEZ can treat all their hazardous waste in a way that totally respects the environment. SUEZ will supply Dow and the manufacturers on-site on a long-term basis:

  • Steam will be produced by the high-temperature incineration of waste (up to 120,000 t/year)
  • The chlorine produced by the incinerated hazardous waste, will be reused in the form of hydrochloric acid for industrial purposes.
  • Under the terms of this partnership, SUEZ will also dry and treat the sludge produced by the wastewater treatment plant dedicated to the local industrial activity.
  • The unit`s capacity of 35,000 tonnes per year can be increased, according to the demands of the market and the diversification of the treated waste.

Relying on its European entity Industrial Waste Specialties (IWS) dedicated to the treatment and recovery of hazardous waste, SUEZ will develop its network of waste treatment facilities in Europe. By acquiring this facility, the Group will strengthen its presence, particularly in Saxony and Saxony Anhalt, where SUEZ already treats household waste in five cities (Grosslehna, Marienberg, Aue, Zorbau and Granschütz), and has been recovering hazardous waste by co-incineration in cement works furnaces for several years.

Thanks to this acquisition, SUEZ will reinforce its position as a major operator in the hazardous waste recovery market in Germany. This additional unit will reinforce the group’s treatment network in Europe and will offer industrial customers a better service that is local, adapted to the different types of waste and guarantees continuity of service.

Jean-Marc Boursier, SUEZ’s Senior Executive Vice-President in charge of Recycling & Recovery activities in Europe, commented: “The acquisition of this industrial waste treatment unit demonstrates our ambition to better meet more of our customers’ needs. SUEZ’s expertise in the recovery and reuse of hazardous waste, now united in the IWS business unit, enables us to offer treatment solutions and environmental services adapted to Industrial customer’s needs. We are proud of the faith that Dow has placed in us. This long-term strategic partnership is the fruit of ongoing cooperation on subjects related to the protection of resources. With this aim, we’ll provide reliable and sustainable services, producing steam in particular, a local and renewable green energy.”

Source: SUEZ