Mexican plastics flakes and granulate producer orders Sesotec sorting systems

Sesotec sorting line at Green Mind in Guadalajara (Foto: Sesotec)

Schönberg, Germany — Green Mind has been using Sesotec sorting systems since 2012. The Mexican company first invested in a flake processing line with a total of four recycling sorting systems. The excellent quality of the end products and the continuously increasing recycling rates in the year 2015 then were the reasons for Green Mind to build an additional sorting line and to integrate another five Sesotec recycling sorting systems in this line.

The Green Mind company, located in Guadalajara, has specialized in the production of PET flakes and polypropylene granulate. With more than 20 years of experience in the recycling industry Green Mind employs the latest technologies on the market and among others supplies its products to bottle makers, foil producers, and producers of fibres and polyester filaments. The company has about 200 employees and has a plant capacity of 10,000 kg / h and 72,000 tons per year.

The Mexican company organizes the collection of plastic bottles through its own national network of collection centers. Pressed into bales the plastic bottles arrive at the Green Mind plant, where they are first singularized, and in the next step the labels are removed. After pre-washing the plastic bottles they are then separated into unmixed fractions, and this stage in the recycling process is where Sesotec’s Varisort multi-sensor sorting systems are used. These systems are equipped with sensors for color and shape detection, and with sensors for the differentiation of plastic types.

Subsequent shredding of these sorted PET bottles then is followed by washing, drying, and screening processes. The PET flakes then undergo fine sorting with the help of Sesotec Flake Purifier sorting systems. The Flake Purifier systems at this stage separate coloured flakes, metals, and foreign plastic parts from the transparent PET flakes.

Confirms plant manager Saúl Solaeche: „We are convinced by the quality of the sorting results, and we are highly satisfied with the maintenance and service of our Sesotec systems. We shall recommend Sesotec in every respect.“

Source: Sesotec GmbH