National campaign: Malta`s GreenPak rewards the 4,000th recycler

Lora Caruana: 4,000th winner of the Irriċikla u Irbaħ ma’ GreenPak campaign (Foto: Green Pak)

Fgura, Malta — The 4,000th winner in the ongoing “Irriċikla u Irbaħ ma’ GreenPak” national campaign has this month been rewarded for her recycling efforts. Launched in 2013 on a national scale in the localities serviced by GreenPak, the campaign sees an average of 100 residents rewarded each month with a selection of useful products and green recycling bags.

October proved to be a milestone month, with GreenPak also passing the 15th million mark in its distribution of free green recycling bags. “This historic achievement clearly signals GreenPak’s ongoing commitment to make it as easy as possible for residents to recycle. At the same time, it also highlights the importance and necessity of public participation in recycling,” said Charlene Mercieca Magro, Waste Education Officer at GreenPak Coop Society.

With a clear agenda to help Malta reach its EU recycling targets, GreenPak continuously endeavours to instil awareness within the communities it serves to recycle more plastic, metal, glass and paper through the wide range of services it offers.

Every week, the “Irriċikla u Irbaħ ma’ GreenPak” campaign sees representatives from GreenPak visiting households who are fulfilling their part in the recycling system, and present the residents with reusable cloth bags filled with free gifts. These range from food, beauty products, toiletries, stationeries and various other products which are provided by GreenPak Coop Society members.

“Besides serving as a ‘thank you’ to green conscious residents, this initiative also serves to grab the attention of residents who either don’t recycle regularly or need a little extra motivation to recycle as much as they can. By rewarding those who recycle responsibly and correctly, we hope that the gift bag will serve as an encouragement for others to get involved and help maintain a cleaner environment,” added Mercieca Magro.

Source: GreenPak