Forthcoming: The 5th Annual RISI China International Recycled Fiber Conference

Forum discussion at 4th Annual RISI China International Recycled Fiber Conference (Foto: RISI)

Shanghai, China — The 5th Annual RISI China International Recycled Fiber Conference with industry leaders shows how changes in recovered paper industry will affect the business of customers. Under the motto “Helping Paper Industry Make Better Decisions”, the conference organized by RISI will be held in Zhuhai on December 8 and 9, 2016. The company’s leadership and independent analysts will attend this conference and discuss important issues facing the industry.

As of this year, RISI has held five China International Recycled Fiber Conferences. In this five years, paper making industry and recovered paper industry have undergone great changes. Recycling of recovered paper serves the paper making industry, and papermaking enterprises who use recovered paper for production continue to grow.

According to the statistics from China Paper Association, output of containerboard, corrugated medium and coated boxboard has exceeded 60 million tons (excluding some local papermaking enterprises that are not counted), and production of packaging paperboard remains a 4 to 6 percent annual growth rate in recent five years. The import volume of recovered paper is relatively stable in recent years at 28.5 million tons to 29.5 million tons, and total quantity of domestic recycled recovered paper has slightly increased to 48-50 million tons.

At the current stage, production demand of papermaking enterprises is basically balanced in newsprint, writing paper, containerboard, corrugated medium, boxboard, plaster paper, etc.. Over the past decade, proportion of recycled pulp for production of paper and paperboard in China’s papermaking raw material consumption has increased nearly 15 percent to 65.2 percent.

In this year’s conference, these issues will be discussed:

  • In 2015, total quantity of domestic recycled waste paper showed a negative growth of nearly 1 percent. Is it that the waste paper recycling industry encounters a bottleneck in development or has the total quantity of recycling reached a “ceiling”?
  • From January to June in 2016, total output of national paper making grew by 3.38 percent on a year-on-year basis, tissue and printing paper showed a negative growth and only corrugated paper and corrugated paper box grew 3.75 percent and 7.72 percent respectively. How will the upstream market of containerboard and corrugated medium influence the paper recycling industry?
  • Industry trend: With product quality and profitability of large-scale enterprises improving, will a future development trend be ‘industrial chain integration”? What pressure will small and mid-sized packaging paperboard manufacturers face? How will they turn pressure into a driving force for development?
  • How will American and European single waste recycling way influence quality and price of imported waste paper?
  • How will the production of packaging paper, utilization of waste paper and consumption in Vietnam, Thailand and other “the Belt and Road” countries influence China domestic market?

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Source: RISI Inc.