Bollegraaf presents Lubo Air Drum Separator at the RWM exhibition

Lubo Air Drum Separator (Foto: Bollegraaf)

Appingedam / The Netherlands — At the Resource Waste Management Exhibition in Birmingham, which will be held from 13-15 September, Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions will present the Lubo Air Drum Separator, which is a compact and versatile machine for separating various waste flows, including Paper, Industrial Waste and Construction and Demolition Waste. The machine’s operation is based on a combination of airflows and gravity.

The Lubo Air Drum Separator has a proven high operational reliability. It separates and/or upgrades various waste streams, such as single stream (e.g. commingled recyclables), construction & demolition waste as well as commercial & industrial waste. This unit separates a variety of solids (ultralights, lights, middle-heavy’s, and heavies) from the waste stream by utilizing a combination of air currents and gravity. It can be used in a fixed position or as a mobile solution (also available on a rental basis). The machine consists of an air knife in combination with a rotating drum, a film separator and a cyclone for the capture of fine particles.

According to Bollegraaf, there are several advantages in comparison to existing units. It is compact design (total length 9 metres). It is extremely low energy consumption due to the utilisation of a sophisticated air knife with a very limited air flow rate. It is variable utilisation modes: a fixed position, a mobile positionon a adjustable legs or a completely mobile position on wheels.

The installation is extremely well suited for the separation of construction and demolition waste, industrial waste or for the separation of plaster and paper. Its compact design means the Lubo Air Drum Separator is extremely suitable as an upgrade of existing plants and as a mobile unit for use on site, including on a rental basis.

The benefits of the Lubo Air Drum Separator can be discovered at the RWM in Hall 5 P20 stand R21.

Source: Bollegraaf Recycling Machinery BV