Strautmann Umwelttechnik at BrauBeviale in Nuremberg, Germany

LiquiDrainer (Foto: Strautmann)

Glandorf — Quick. Reliable. Save. These are the factors that make the LiquiDrainer be a guarantor for success. For the beverage industry it is unpossible to dispose of without the LiquiDrainer since many years. Also for food production and catering companies the LiquiDrainer is more necessary than ever.

The separation of beverage containers and liquids is his specialist field. Whether cans, PET bottles or Tetra Brik the discharge of faulty batches and residual liquids becomes a child’s play with the LiquiDrainer.

Function: Through the special rotor technology and a throughput capacity of up to 10,000 1 liter bottles per hour more than 150 bottles can be emptied in one minute. Using a hopper full beverage containers or beverage containers with residual liquids can be inserted manually or automatically. A pendulum plate then transports the material into the rotor, which pierces the beverage containers. Thereby the bottles are emptied and pre compressed. At this stage the beverage containers will be devalued and possible abuse is prevented. In the last step the liquids flow through a filter box and are targetly drained.

Benefits: Expensive manual opening of the caps and tilting of liquids are history. With the LiquiDrainer emptying works automatically and without any manpower. The disposal remains in-house and prevents that faulty batches can get into circulation. Moreover remarketing of liquids and compaction of beverage containers into bales or briquettes achieve high revenues.

BrikPress – The favorite of all bottlers

What do you do with empty beverage containers? The Strautmann BrikPress compacts fully automatic recyclables such as cans, Tetra Brik and PET bottles. Reliable and quickly she compresses accruing material into briquettes and can be integrated into the product running. For over 20 years she constantly works for the beverage industry –  Beverage bottlers swear by her.

Function: Via conveyors or lift trucks, the press can be filled around the clock. With a throughput of up to 50,000 bottles per hour, the material inside the press chamber is compressed with a pressing force of 380 kN. The highly compacted briquettes are then pushed out through the channel systems automatically and can be stored in containers. With GPS the operator receives a message when the container is full, so the operator can dispose of quickly and predictively. Benefit: The compact design of the BrikPress enables installation directly at source. Integration into the running production and reliable compaction makes the BrikPress a reliable partner for the beverage industry. Moreover no pretreatment of the material is necessary, the bottles and cans can be inserted directly with and without caps. Due to the strong compression of the briquettes also high revenues for selling are generated.

Strautmann presented from 08. – 10.11.2016 (Hall 6 / 6-203) different disposal solutions at BrauBeviale in Nuremberg.

Source: Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH