WEEE Europe: Leading European take-back systems offer one-stop-shop way

Source: WEEE Europe AG

Munich — Since the review of the European WEEE Directive did not bring the much longed-for simplifications, leading European take-back systems have now for the first time bundled together their high national performance. The newly founded Joint Venture WEEE Europe with headquarters in Munich will enable producer and other market players to fulfil the various national requirements in an easy, one-stop-shop way as from January 2015 onwards.

Manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and retailers as well as distributors of electric appliances and electronic devices, who are active in several European countries, are constantly confronted with countless national laws. Every country has different requirements regarding registration and put on the market reporting when launching new products in order to ensure the proper collection and disposal at their end of life.

Christian Ludwig, CEO at WEEE Europe AG, is certain the planned services will be a great success: “The administrative cost for all market players is huge – from mid-tier businesses to major corporations. Our aim is to simplify processes and to offer efficient solutions to fulfil the various national registration and reporting requirements at a competitive price.”

The founders and members of WEEE Europe – nine of the largest and most capable European take-back systems – stand for high process quality and for complying with international waste disposal standards. As not-for-profit businesses founded by manufacturers, they work cost-effectively. This also applies to WEEE Europe AG. Discussions with new Take Back Scheme Members are on their way. The aim is to provide an effective, efficient Europe-wide coverage of service, once operational activities start in January 2015.

Source: WEEE Europe AG