Launch of new re-use procurement guide for Household Waste Recycling Sites

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Bristol, Uk — A new ‘How to’ guide on re-use procurement at Household Waste Recycling Sites for local authorities is now available. Delivered by the Resource Futures team on behalf of WRAP and Defra, the re-use guide offers advice on procurement options, benefits and critical success factors. WRAP’s ‘How to’ guide for re-use procurement at Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) is the latest in a suite of re-use projects, delivered over the past two years. The publication focuses on how to include one, or several, material streams in HWRC contracts at local authority or contractor managed sites.

With case studies and on-the-ground examples featured throughout, the guide addresses the procurement business case and process for re-use at HWRCs. Setting out the drivers and influencing factors for re-use, the project also analysed the challenges such as budget risks and operational issues before assessing the potential benefits drawn from financial savings, performance improvements, social gain and environmental protection.

The Resource Futures team undertook detailed research into procurement methods and approaches to provide a ‘shopping list’ of option scenarios and critical success factors to help local authorities develop their case for HWRC re-use. The guide concludes with information on incentives, monitoring and evaluation.

Speaking about the project, Emma Clarke, Re-use specialist and Senior Consultant, said: “Looking UK-wide, we can see that re-use activity at HWRCs is variable in terms of commitment and performance, particularly since the public sector cuts began to impact on local authorities’ spending allocations. This ‘How to’ guide seeks to address the concerns about how re-use through HWRCs can be procured, with minimised risk, so that re-use at HWRCs becomes the norm within every local authority. Re-use is important for many reasons, this guide helps local authorities identify how they can include re-use whilst taking account of their local circumstances.”

Jude Andrews from WRAP commissioned the Guide alongside Defra, commented: “WRAP and Defra were aware that local authority waste departments often struggled to persuade procurement colleagues that including re-use in new contracts was worthwhile. This project was commissioned to meet a need for local authorities following a consultation. Resource Futures have done a great job of working delivering this project and we hope that local authorities will find this useful.”

The ‘How to include re-use in local authority HWRC procurement’ guide can be accessed on WRAP’s website

Source: Resource Futures