Advovate for W-t-E: Prof. Themelis honoured with CEWEP Phoenix Award

Prof. Themelis (left) honoured with CEWEP Phoenix Award (Foto: CEWEP)

Brussels — Professor Nickolas John Themelis received the CEWEP Phoenix Award for his outstanding contributions to the Waste-to-Energy sector during a Phoenix Award Ceremony held on 16th June 2016 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

“Professor Themelis has been a tireless advocate for Waste-to-Energy in so many ways: He is the Chair and Founder of Columbia University’s Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering and of the Global Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council. He also initiated the contact between CEWEP and its American sister organisation, the Energy Recovery Council, and we are very happy to exchange our views and experiences across the Atlantic”, stated Ferdinand Kleppmann, the President of CEWEP during the Ceremony.

In accepting the CEWEP Phoenix Award, Prof. Themelis stated that he was honoured to be the 2016 recipient: “CEWEP and the hundreds of European WTE plants it represents are the torch bearers of the global waste to energy technology. WTE is and will continue to be an essential part of sustainable waste management worldwide.”.

Regarding W-t-E, he added: „The modern WTE plants bear as much similarity to the incinerators of the early 20th century as the electric trains of today bear to the coal-fired trains of the distant past. A good way to press this point is by the E.U. WTE industry and governments to stop using the words incinerators, incineration, ‘incineration’, etc. to describe the WTE, or EFW plants of today. These power plants are fuelled by solid wastes, recover electricity, heat, metals, and construction minerals and are equipped by air pollution control systems that are superior to any other high temperature industrial process.“ (The full commemorative speech of Prof. Themelis can be downloaded under

CEWEP Phoenix Award has been awarded to some of the most outstanding contributors to the Waste to Energy sector.

Source: CEWEP – Confederation of European Waste-to- Energy Plants